About Rise International

Our Mission

Our mission consists in supplying to our clients business solutions that will contribute to their success.

We want to build win-win relationships based on trust and communication.

We make a point on our availability, dedication and commitment.

Our main goal is to see our clients’ businesses grow, while growing with them.

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Our Values


We assume that your business is something that really matters for you, that is why we are fully committed to assist you in the areas you may need us. We always keep our promises.


As we work, we make sure to be in line with ethics. We do respect all individuals. We are open-minded, and we do listen carefully to others as we believe that diversity is nothing but a gift. We’ll always transcribe your company’s vision.


We are dynamic, once we get in touch with your company we will constantly respect deadlines while adopting a proactive approach which means that based on your needs and our experience, we will give you the best solution as soon as possible.


Our biggest wish is to satisfy the clients we work with. Hence we are exacting with ourselves to be able to always deliver solutions which will fit to your needs. Because your satisfaction is worthwhile, and your success is ours.

Our Vision

We define ourselves as the one stop shop for any business needs. Our job consists in supplying useful services for businesses meanwhile they can focus on other tasks. We believe in being the one and only business solution that can create for our clients the minimum amount of work for the maximum amount of results. We see ourselves as a part of your company on which you can rely when it is needed.

Meet The Rise Team

Sanaa Bahachame

Sanaa has over ten years experience in the Dubai Real Estate and Business Markets. She has assisted many…

Sanaa Bahachame

Founder & CEO
Jonathan Coelho

With 6 years’ experience as a consultant with multiple company formation from pharmaceutical to aeronautical….

Jonathan Coelho

Marjorie Thenard

Straight out arrived from Paris, Marjorie likes to be in contact with customers and maintain a trustable…

Marjorie Thenard

Ling Ortiz

Ling coordinates administrative material, most of it by providing EJARI contract. She also manage advertising…

Ling Ortiz


Having several years of experience as a Real Estate Agent, Bahaa is also a reputable Public Relation…


Public Relations Officer